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DVC-4/8 Random Vibration Controller

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Digital Random Vibration Controller Specifications

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Copy of 13 HUGHES 600 8OCT97
DVC4:8- RVC Image
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Any of the following plots can be stored on a disk or printed out in color or black and white on any Windows compatible printer.

  • CONTROL CHANNEL: Control spectrum.
  • MONITOR CHANNEL: Response spectrum.
  • CONTROL/MONITOR: Control spectrum and response spectrum.
  • DRIVE OUTPUT: Output spectrum of card
  • CHANNEL #1 WAVEFORM: Oscilloscope-type display of channel #1 analog waveform.
  • CHANNEL #2 WAVEFORM: Oscilloscope-type display of channel #2 analog waveform.

      • COMPUTER: 486DX33 or better with vga display, 8 mb ram, hard disk and Windows 3.1 minimum. Pentium with 16mb ram and Windows 95 recommended.
      • POWER REQUIREMENTS: Powered by computer buss, <10W total.
      • SIZE: Standard AT 3/4 size PC card (11"x 4.5").
      • EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS: Via DB-25 connector to junction box.
        • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • INPUT CHANNELS: Two channels: one control & one monitor.
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY: Settable from 8 to 1000 mv/g, both channels 20 vp-p max input.
  • CURRENT SOURCES: Switchable 4 ma each input 18 vdc compliance on each channel

      • OUTPUT SIGNAL: Continuous Gaussian random drive.
      • DRIVE LEVEL: 16 v peak-to-peak or 3vrms maximum.
      • PEAK LIMITING: User selectable from 1 to 4.
      • DYNAMIC RANGE: >60 dB.

          • FREQUENCY RANGE: 1.25-250 Hz, 2.5-500 Hz, 5-1000 Hz, and 10-2000 Hz.
          • SPECTRAL RESOLUTION: 400 lines.
          • CONTROL PROFILES Up to 32 breakpoints: profiles may be saved and recalled from disk.
          • CONTROL ACCURACY: +/- 1 dB typical.
          • LOOP TIME: < 3 seconds for analysis and correction.
          • EQUALIZATION TIME: < 10 sec, for full correction or 10 dB change.
          • ANALYSIS WINDOWING: Off/On Hanning, Hamming or Blackman selectable.
          • UNITS: English or Metric.

              • ABORT UNIT: User selectable from 3dB to 99dB.
              • OVERALL LIMITS: Overall D,V,A limits settable by user.
              • CONTROL SIGNAL LOSS: Open loop detector.
              • PRETEST LIMITS: Settable by user.
              • EQUALIZATTON: Low level equalization of system.
              • MANUAL ABORT: From keyboard or mouse.

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